Matt Mantini, C.E.C Signature Chef

Chef Matt Mantini, C.E.C is the Director of Development.  He is responsible for the development of recipes, including limited time offers, offers and brands, as well as culinary support for Sodexo, North America. With nearly 40 years of experience, Matt is a past recipient of the Sodexo North America Innovation Award who got his start in cooking at the tender age of 14. In 1999, Chef Mantini was the North American Innovation winner and he was the recipient of the 2012 Spirit of Sodexo Platinum Award Spirit of Progress. His favorite dish to cook is soup – of any kind – but his favorite food in the world is fresh Alaskan Halibut. The one tool he couldn’t live without is his eight-inch chef knife.

"Food is my passion! I have a service attitude and want people to be fed and happy. "