Arin A. Antonio

“Growing up in Hawaii, you experience a cultural blend of Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Puerto Rican foods,”... Read More

Haleesha Weerasinghe

Inspired by local cuisine cooked with his grandmother and international flavors from his globe-trotting father, Chef Haleesha Weerasinghe chose to... Read More

Richard Sandoval

Growing up in Mexico City, Richard Sandoval joined his grandmother in the kitchen and around her large table to enjoy... Read More

Mike Pollock

Chef Mike Pollock’s culinary path includes the Culinary Institute of Canada, the Culinary Institute of America and the finest hotels... Read More

Nathaniel Tuazon

Chef Nathaniel Tuazon finds inspiration in both classic flavor combinations and cooking techniques from different cultures. “I treat ingredients in... Read More

Elizabeth Davidson

Like many chefs inspired by childhood experiences, Chef Elizabeth Davidson had a mom and aunt who were great at-home cooks.... Read More

Edward Zebron

“I love to eat, and I love to cook,” says Chef Edward Zebron. He says he likes to hear what... Read More

Abel Padilla

“Working with a great team of talented people makes me feel proud every day,” says Chef Abel Padilla, who loves... Read More

Marion Macalalad

“There’s nothing more satisfying that seeing someone enjoy a dish you put your heart into,” says Chef Marion Macalalad. He... Read More

Hannah Robertson

“I am really lucky,” says Chef Hannah Robertson. “I’ve found my calling and love that I get to make a... Read More

Antione Green

Chef Antione Green says he became a chef because he loves the feeling he gets when someone enjoys what he... Read More

Maiju Anttila – FINLAND

Chef Maiju Anttila describes her culinary creations as pure and natural—prepared with a “less is more” philosophy. She’s currently serving... Read More

Leszek Rułka – POLAND

Chef Leszek Rułka has an enviable role—Executive Chef at the National Stadium in Warsaw, where he’s responsible for high-end catering... Read More

Daniel Konja – GERMANY

Passionate about cooking since childhood, Chef Daniel Konja has been recognized for his innovative recipes and the culinary inspiration he... Read More

Ed Costa – US

Chef Ed Costa has served as a Chef and General Manager for Sodexo for an incredible 34 years! He’s a... Read More

Bogumił Harmaj – POLAND

Chef Bogumił Harmaj has a passion for cooking, especially for exploring recipes and techniques that celebrate Poland’s food heritage. “I... Read More

Melissa Minogue

“Everything inspires me—people, places, smells, scenery. I am a sponge for knowledge,” says Chef Melissa Minogue. She says she’s been... Read More

Graham Collette

Chef Graham Collette believes that it’s important to understand your audience and use authentic ingredients when you’re cooking. As he’s... Read More

Garfield Clarke

“Food tastes better when you use quality ingredients,” says Chef Garfield Clarke. Raised in Jamaica, he was exposed to different... Read More

Scott Cook

Chef Scott Cook grew up with a passion for food, following in his chef father’s footsteps. He served as a... Read More

Robert Sills

Chef Robert Sills attended culinary school in Charleston, South Carolina (after a stint in architecture school!) and owned a restaurant... Read More

Caleb Timp

Chef Caleb Timp says his favorite part of creating a dish is working through the ingredients in his head, then... Read More

Andrew Aiton

Traveling to more than a dozen countries has allowed Andrew to sample exotic cuisines. “When I travel, I go where... Read More

Tim Born

Long before Tim Born was a professional chef, he was in his mother’s kitchen watching her preserve vegetables and make... Read More

Richard Duclos

Chef Richard Duclos shares nutritious dishes with guests in his role as executive chef at one of the nation’s top... Read More

Anthony Verona

Embracing a farm-to-fork lifestyle, Chef Anthony Verona is a farmer, hunter and outdoorsman. He says those experiences inspire him daily... Read More

Jason Congleton

Chef Jason Congleton is a southern boy at heart. “I learn as much as I can about southern food to... Read More

Eric Phipps

Since he was young, Chef Eric Phipps learned all he could from his mother, who was an exceptional cook. He... Read More